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My name is Tak Man Rai, I´m 35 years old and my home village is Dandgaon in the lower part of Solu Khumbu. I´ve been a trekking guide for 12 years, and I have worked in the trekking business most of my life. I arrange treks in the area I come from, and you get the opportunity to get close to the local population and to discover the everyday life of the Rai people. There is no real tourism in the area, and if you want to experience Himalaya undisturbed by other travelers, this is a great opportunity.

As you can tell from my last name, I´m a part of the Rai people, who has it´s roots in the 7000 year old animistic Kirati religion. It´s possible to arrange home stays in my village in connection with the trek, if you want to experience every day life in a traditional Rai village.


(+977) 9841927566, (+977) 9823185881

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